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Streamline academic and administrative processes for higher education excellence.

Campus Management System

Autonomous Institutes

Enhance independent educational management with comprehensive software solutions.

Campus Management System

Affiliated Institutes

Empower affiliated institutes with tailored software solutions for streamlined educational management.


Simplify school administration and boost student engagement through innovative tools.

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Modernizing and Adding Values in Education

About Us

vmedulife is a cloud-based campus management system provider for various educational institutions. vmedulife was established in 2013, we have developed a campus management system that helps the students, faculties, and the managerial board. You can keep a track of anything and everything related to the academic setup with our user-friendly services. We have successfully demonstrated our unique teaching-learning platform to many of the NAAC/NBA committee members in the past few years.

Currently, we serve in more than 20 states of the country, catering to different types of domains in education, including engineering, medical, autonomous, BMS, nursing, commerce,  architecture and many more.

Our Happy Users Across Asia

Happy Users

Conference Hub

Innovation Conferences

Discover the vibrant and dynamic events hosted by vmedulife in our Conference section. From compelling keynote addresses by industry leaders to engaging panel discussions and interactive workshops, our conferences bring together thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to share knowledge and drive innovation in the education sector.

Explore the highlights of our past events and stay updated on upcoming conferences that continue to foster learning, collaboration, and growth within our education community.



Our Case Studies

We digitalize Institutions

Our goal is to build a long-term strategy to achieve your organization’s goals, starting with the successful adoption of the vmedulife platform.


Governing Bodies

We are a professional team with over 10+ years of experience, passionate about our work

How vmedulife Helps Your Institute Work Efficiently

Strategic Implementation

with appropriate strategies and plans of action to develop modules that simplify the campus management system

Award-winning Support Team

We have a team of award-winning professionals that provides extensive support.

National Level Presence

vmedulife provides services in different institutes across 20+ states of the country.

Continuous updates

We continue to bring new features and updates in our modules that ease the academic activities.

Identify the pain areas

First, we find out the pain points and work on uncovering them making the institution workflow simple, quick and easy.

Design training plan

We have designed training plans for the faculties to familiarize the campus management system.

Successful training

We carry out extensive online trainings for the institutions. Offline trainings are also provided if needed.

Single point of contact

We provide a single point of contact from our team for all your queries and doubts.


  • To develop an integrated learning ecosystem with global reach.


  • To create innovative, user-centric educational software solutions that empower institutions worldwide to achieve academic excellence and operational efficiency.
  • To foster a seamless and engaging learning experience by integrating cutting-edge technologies, facilitating collaboration, and ensuring accessibility for all students and educators globally.
  • To continuously enhance our platform with the latest advancements in educational technology, ensuring that learners and educators can connect, learn, and grow in a globally interconnected environment.

Our Campus Management System includes a range of modules.

Our Solutions

Reliable and transparent brand providing campus management system. Innovative tools help the Management, Principal, and HODs to generate reports, graphs, and charts, with ease and in the fewest of clicks. This helps you to make well-informed decisions with all the necessary information.

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