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Does your educational institution still use the same old manual method of inventory management? Here are the serious issues you are facing and how you can easily avoid them…

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled schools and colleges all across the world to incorporate technology into their classrooms. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, projectors, cloud computing, tablet PCs, and cellphones were gradually replacing paper, pencils, and textbooks. More schools are now being pushed to follow suit. For children, virtual classrooms have become a primary source of learning. As a result, schools and colleges are gradually updating and installing asset management systems. Here are some examples of how the online inventory management system is mandatory.

Being clumsy with inventory management in our already underfunded and under-resourced schools and colleges would be a massive waste of financial resources and procurement efforts. A well-thought-out and consistent strategy for resource management would ensure that we get the most out of them while also maintaining their long-term viability. Inventory control guarantees that we get what we need. Let us see how an online inventory management system by vmedulife can help any organization with its assets.

Incorrect inventory Assessment

This circumstance occurs frequently in organizations, either because of a shortage of supplies or overabundance of goodies. Some consumable stocks have an expiry date after which they are no longer useful. Quite obviously, as inventory costs money, every institution’s stock levels must be maintained to avoid squandering goods and money.

You can check the status of goods and track them quickly with an inventory management system. For better stock management, you may also configure alerts. When your organization’s inventory runs out, it can be automatically replenished.

No maintenance

Any institute has several assets that need maintenance on a regular basis. But many of them do not pay attention to this work as per requirement. And as a result, the equipment is not maintained, and then thrown in the garbage when turned unusable. And again the new equipment is bought, and unnecessary expenses are made.

The inventory management system sends out reminders and warnings for equipment maintenance. As a result, you won’t have to memorize anything by hand. It is possible to save a lot of money that is wasted on such unnecessary expenditure, and invest in better commodities. You can arrange equipment repair whenever it is convenient for you.

No accountability for missing asset or theft cases

Several artifacts are misplaced and nowhere to be located in the institution. They not only contain vital information, but they also come with a hefty price. A laptop or a hard drive, for example, may pass through several hands and continue to revolve, but no one maintains track of the actual path. Also, because nobody is responsible, no one can be held responsible if the thing is harmed.

Because there are more technological gadgets available and they are tiny in size, theft instances are increasingly common in universities.

Inventory tracking software is the solution to both the aforesaid concerns of lost assets and theft. It supports you in locating a misplaced asset and always gives you up-to-date information. It also saves information about who is using it. With the aid of this software by vmedulife, you can keep track of the situation.

Human Error

There is a lot of time-consuming data entry labor in schools and colleges. It can be a tedious procedure that is prone to errors. Similarly, when data is manually entered from a barcode, there may be some errors. As a result, when you try to locate it, you will be unable to do so because the data you entered was incorrect.

A scanner can be used to automatically enter data into the system in the event of a human data entry error. This eliminates the possibility of human error and increases efficiency. It may also work with cell phones, and you may not need to purchase any special equipment to complete the process. Simply install the vmedulife Application on your device.


In the educational sector, online inventory management system by vmedulife comes in handy. However, many institutions are yet not taking advantage of this technology. They are still employing manual inventory tracking, which is an old-fashioned practice. Using an inventory management system also has a number of advantages.

It provides a cloud-based inventory tracking tool that allows you to access data from anywhere. It also improves the system’s security. The online inventory management system might help your institution become more organized. You can efficiently administer your institution using this program by vmedulife.