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Top 10 features of an Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), which is why every Educational Institution Should Invest in ILMS …

Educational Institutions may not resemble those of a few years ago. The way libraries provide numerous services has changed with cutting-edge technology like cloud, mobile, digital, and analytics have advanced.

Why should libraries operate in an antiquated fashion in a digital world where the education sector is attempting to automate its space? Managing thousands of books regularly and keeping track of their performance is a demanding chore. An Integrated Library Management System by vmedulife can help you shift from manually run to automated libraries, making them more efficient and effective.

Features of the finest library management system software include:

  1. Manage your Catalogue:Manage your catalog to keep track of what’s accessible in the library digitally. The books will be organized by title, subject, author, and publication date.
  1. Manage your Memberships:Manage the Memberships to keep track of the members’ information in a thorough database. Each user’s name, ID, and password are saved in the system. The system aids in determining the member’s track record.
  1. Manage Circulation of Books:Circular Management is taken care of to keep track of book movement. It is possible to track the position of any book at any given time. Any book’s whereabouts at any given time may be traced, therefore it has become simpler to locate misplaced or missing books. On a daily basis, information on books that need to be returned and those that are past due are provided.
  1. Management of one’s own resources:Users are supported to independently check-in and out books. Members can log in, search, select, issue, and return books using the library management system software of digital libraries.
  1. Manage your Book Acquisitions:It is so pivotal to manage the book acquisitions as purchasing new books and digitizing them is a stressful task. Irrelevant and out-of-date books are removed from the library.
  1. Bar-coding:Barcodes are utilized to provide each book with a unique identifier. All books, old and new, are bar-coded according to the title, author, topic, and publication date.
  1. Scannable Barcodes:When books are scanned while issuing or returning, the database is automatically updated.
  1. Access to the worldwide knowledge hub:In Addition to other public libraries’ catalogs, access to various affiliated libraries are provided by the web-based library management system software by vmedulife. This broadens the scope of the search, which is beneficial to the user.
  1. The search function:The search function is provided to allow both the librarian and the members of the library to browse the library’s catalog of books. Each user’s search function can be filtered to meet their own needs.
  2. Cost control:Library Management is extremely useful to handle individual member accounts and collect membership dues. For non-returns, lost, or damaged books, the software estimates the fine payable. The mechanism notifies members of fines.


vmedulife‘s library management system is designed to suit the students’ ever-changing expectations. It is a flexible piece of software that can be adapted to the needs of individual users. As a result, an integrated library management system by vmedulife will certainly be the perfect software that your education system needs right now.