Effortlessly handle organizational notices with vmedulife’s customizable Notice Board system. From posting notices to categorizing them based on custom criteria, our system ensures smooth management. Whether assigning notices to specific stakeholders or broadcasting them to all, vmedulife provides flexibility. Keep detailed records of notices posted to date for comprehensive record-keeping. Elevate your communication strategy with the advanced features of our Notice Board system, ensuring seamless information dissemination. Experience efficiency and customization in notice management, enhancing collaboration and engagement. Utilize the flexibility to categorize notices and distribute information tailored to specific stakeholders or to the entire organization. Transform your organizational communication with vmedulife’s Notice Board system, effortlessly managing notices through customizable features. 

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Manage Notice


Swiftly publish notices, share associated documents, and control visibility for all or specific stakeholders with vmedulife’s user-friendly notice posting feature. Enhance communication effortlessly.

  • Keep details of posted notices
  • Categorized the notices
  • Manage notice assignees
notice board system

Category Management

Efficiently organize notices based on organizational requirements with vmedulife’s categorization feature. Keep detailed records and track notices of every category for comprehensive management and streamlined communication.

  • Import notice categories
  • Keep count of notices linked to category
  • Export or print notices category with details
notice board

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Quick Benefits Of Notice Board


Go Paperless

Go Paperless
Notice Board System eliminates the use of paper and saves cost.

Quick Updates

Quick Updates
Notice Board System Offers you to update and edit the notice from anywhere and anytime within a few clicks at your fingertips.

One click Broadcast

One click Broadcast
Notice Board allows you to display the notice in one click to everyone and also to selected entities with hassle free process.

Long Term Benefits

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient
Aid in saving a huge amount of money for organization as it eliminates the use of paper.


Organization becomes digital as all their notice’s are in the air with the help of “midlife” noticeboard software.

Real time insights

Real time insights
Helps the organization and its employees to get real-time insights quickly and smoothly within a few clicks at your fingertips.


The vmedulife team is dedicated to providing ongoing implementation support, ensuring consistency, and collaborating with you to meet your unique requirements and achieve your organization goals seamlessly. We are committed to your success and are here to guide you every step of the way, fostering a strong partnership for sustained growth and excellence.

  • Identify the pain areas in organization
  • Design and execute Training plan for successful implementation of platform
  • Successful Training of platform at organization
  • Provide single point of contact for implementation
  • Help desk portal for any query and custom enhancement

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  • Notice List Report
  • Categorywise Notice List Report
  • Notice Summary Report
  • Classwise Notice Report
  • Notice Summary Report
  • Categorywise Notice Count Report
  • Notice Assignee Count Report
  • Academic Yearwise Notice Report
  • Datewise Notice List Report
  • Notice Assignee Report


We have a dedicated team to support our valuable users which will help you to achieve the goals with the help of vmedulife's inbuilt Technical Support Portal, from where faculty members of can raise the respective concerns or suggestions. Admin from the organization can also verify logs of queries and suggestions for maintaining the track and records.


students can effortlessly access notices through our mobile application. This ensures they stay updated on important announcements and events, promoting seamless communication and enhancing engagement with the educational community.

Students can receive notifications for newly posted notices through our mobile application.

No, there is no limit on the number of attachments you can include in a notice. You can attach multiple files as needed to ensure all relevant information is communicated effectively.

Yes, vmedulife allows you to set up approval workflows for notices. This feature enables administrators to designate specific users or roles who must review and approve notices before they are published to ensure accuracy and compliance with organizational policies.

Yes,vmedulife provides comprehensive tracking features that allow you to monitor the status of notices, including the number of views, interactions, and any feedback or comments received from users.