Unlock the strength of your institution with the Alumni Portal by vmedulife. Alumni, the formidable support system, plays a crucial role in academic matters, student support, and resource mobilization. A dynamic Alumni Association, fostered through our Alumni Portal, actively contributes to both financial and non-financial aspects. Join us in building a vibrant community that thrives on enduring connections and strengthens your institution’s legacy.

alumni portal


  • Build and Manage your Alumni Database
  • Involve Alumni in Student Development
  • Enhance Your Employer Branding
  • Send Regular updates to Alumni
  • Plan & Organize Successful Reunions
  • Raise Funds From Alumni
  • Meet Talent Needs - Seek Referrals

Quick Benefits


Updated Database

Updated Database
The Alumni Portal is a highly secured, safe, and updated database where all the alumni-related data and documents are stored and maintained.

Saves Time

Saves Time
With all amenities and access finding and identifying the alumni database made very simple and quick which results in time saving and energy saving.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective
Alumni Portal is true value-for-money software which enables and ensures you to save the important data and documents related to alumni on the cloud where anyone can access them on the go.

Long Term Benefits

Access 24*7

Access 24*7
One can easily access to its highly secured and safe database anywhere and anytime within few clicks at your finger tips.

Alumni Progress

Alumni Progress
Organization now can have full access to its alumni progress and achievements where it helps them to integrate with the existing students for better and extremely important sharing of thoughts, views and experience.

Alumni Involvement

Alumni Involvement
Alumni Portal helps to nourish the organization culture and work process where alumni helps them to grow exponentially better for the existing students work flow.


vmedulife team will work with you for consistent implementation support to meet your unique requirements and achieve your organization goals.

  • Identify the pain areas in organization
  • Design and execute Training plan for successful implementation of platform
  • Successful Training of platform at organization
  • Provide single point of contact for implementation
  • Help desk portal for any query and custom enhancement
alumni portal


  • Batchwise Alumni List Report
  • Funds Raised Report
  • Alumni Profile Report
  • Alumni Contribution During The Last Five Years
  • Alumni Events Report


At vmedulife, our unwavering commitment to user success is reflected in our dedicated support team. We strive to empower you to achieve your goals seamlessly through vmedulife's integrated Technical Support Portal. This portal serves as a collaborative space for faculty members to raise concerns or suggestions, facilitating efficient communication. Administrators within the organization gain valuable insights by verifying logs, ensuring meticulous tracking of queries and suggestions for robust record-keeping. Our comprehensive support system is designed to foster a proactive approach, providing users with a seamless experience and contributing to the continuous improvement of the vmedulife platform.


Yes, alumni can conveniently register directly through the website using the vmedulife Software platform.

Yes, with vmedulife Software, alumni can easily post job openings through their dedicated portal on the platform.

Yes, vmedulife Software allows you to seamlessly invite alumni to events, ensuring they stay connected and engaged with the institution.

Yes, vmedulife Software enables alumni to upload documents, making it easy to share important files and stay connected with the institution.

 Yes, with vmedulife Software, you can send newsletters to your alumni network, keeping them informed and engaged with the latest news and events.