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6 top reasons why choosing virtual mentoring can transform your Institute’s image from local to global… 

Following the pandemic, schooling went online, which resulted in a loss of the human element that is necessary for education. As learning was driven virtual in the aftermath of the pandemic, human interaction suffered a major setback. Many ed-tech platforms concentrated on developing cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience, but this could not replace the requirement for human interaction. Although there is plenty of content available, pupils must be able to discern between consumable and non-consumable items. The employment of teachers and mentors who can assist in the creation of individualized learning solutions can help bridge this gap. Mentorship through vmedulife has been proven to be extremely beneficial to student development and growth in studies. Despite the rise of digital learning, the value of one-on-one advice and mentorship for students remains.

virtual mentoring

1. Huge scope of access

A successful mentoring program depends on a solid mentor-mentee fit. Geographical constraints, on the other hand, may obstruct the process. Email, video conferencing, and text messages are some of the tools that can help you get through this stumbling block. Having access to excellent mentors all over the world through vmedulife can help mentees succeed.

  1. One-on-one Mentoring

Mentors who also serve as counselors/guides provide students with the necessary support in a kind manner. They neither need to be instructors nor in the same age group as a youth, instead can be the different people who are professionally working to be the most loved mentors. This one-on-one mentoring not only focuses on the technical side of things but also fosters human interaction outside of the student-teacher relationship.

  1. Knowledgeable Mentoring

Mentors who are up to date on current trends and demands in the evolving educational system can help students stay on track with course content and obtain the materials and support they need. Because the emphasis is on personalization, a tailored and efficient learning solution via mentoring is developed that takes into consideration the student’s strengths and shortcomings.

  1. Individual Mentoring

In addition to monitoring academic successes, mentoring through the vmedulife methodology can aid in the development of a student’s identity and gain the confidence of achieving great things in the future. Individual mentoring can assist a student in accomplishing his or her dreams and ambitions.

  1. Trust Factor

Because of our world’s interconnectedness, mentees have a better chance of finding a mentor with specialized knowledge and expertise. As a result, participants have more influence over the type of advice they receive and the lessons they can take away from the encounter.

  1. Real-time Communications

Mentors and mentees can communicate in real-time thanks to the internet, email, mobile phones, and vmedulife. A mentee can share a matter with their mentor on the same day rather than waiting for the next appointment. This availability of guidance can assist mentees in navigating challenging situations as they arise.


vmedulife makes sure that the mentors keep themselves available at the times when their mentees need them the most. Through this platform mentors are available for scholars, providing controlled choice, healthy risks, and direction on achieving change in one’s life and the community at a time when it is developmentally appropriate to push boundaries, take chances, and challenge authority. Over and over. Every week. Every Year.