Accounting management in Industry-leading and prominent management of accounting is done by its dominant features of billing, invoicing, and reporting; where daily general expenses can be sync balance your sheet to make the taxation and audit process seamless.

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accounting management

Vendor Management


A dominant tool for accounting management where each and every microscopic detail of vendor/supplier/distributor is maintained and tracked, including its history of purchase requests, purchase orders, and payments on a daily basis.

  • Vendor details are stored and maintain
  • Registered vendor in an organization as GST vendor or Non GST vendor
  • GST details of vendor can be added

Manage Purchase Request

Purchase Requests can be managed effortlessly and swiftly within a few clicks of its generation, where one can share the purchase request with multiple respective vendors instantly and ask them for quotations to compare. Effortlessly manage purchase requests and streamline accounting management with vmedulife intuitive features. 

  • Generate Purchase Request at your finger tips
  • Share Purchase Request to multiple respective vendors
  • Ask for quotation and do quickly comparison of quotation briskly

Purchase Order

Once the purchase request is finalized, it seamlessly integrates into the accounting management system as a purchase order. Each order receives a specific identification number, consolidating all necessary details for easy reference. Additionally, this system allows for the assignment of an approver to ensure secure transactions of payments and assets.

  • Convert Purchase Request into Purchase Order
  • Track Purchase Order details and its payment
  • Assign Multiple / Single approver

Manage Expense

This feature comes with best in class benefit of managing daily general expenses as well as regular expenses in a click. It also enables to add bill & invoice of respective individual vendor and regularate its payment date, payment mode and payment account very easily and in a hassle free process.

  • Can add daily general expenses
  • Quick view of expenses and its payment history
  • Add bill or invoice against respective individual vendor

Make Instant Payment

One can make payment against any invoice, bill or purchase order effortlessly and swiftly either in installments or direct one time payment.

  • Make instant payment
  • Maintain records of payments

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Quick Benefits

BENEFITS of accounting Management

Avoids False Reports

Avoids False Reports
Accounting Management helps to avoid errors and mishaps in accounting and makes it a streamlined process which gives accurate reports on the go.

Avoids Data Manipulation

Avoid Data Manipulation
Strictly disables the data manipulation in the work which eventually leads to clean and transparency in the work.

Individual Audit

Individual Audit
Accounting Management allows to carry out the audit process effortlessly and smoothly without any intervention of third parties and personnel on the go.

Long Term Benefits

In-depth Analysis

In-depth Analysis
Ensures have a close look at every document and data with precision and accuracy in the process which enables to analyze in-depth.

Auto Upgradation

Auto Upgradation
Provide the best in class feature of auto upgradtion of laws and taxes quickly to make a hassle free operation and to perform the activities without disturbing.

Prevents Loss of Data

Even if it’s a natural calamity or financial crisis your data is safe and secure in a highly secure way.


vmedulife team will work with you for consistent implementation support to meet your unique requirements and achieve your organization goals.

  • Identify the pain areas in organization
  • Design and execute Training plan for successful implementation of platform
  • Successful Training of platform at organization
  • Provide single point of contact for implementation
  • Help desk portal for any query and custom enhancement


  • Daily Expense Report
  • Purchase Request Report
  • Monthly Expense Report
  • Vendors Report
  • Purchase Order Report

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We have a dedicated team to support our valuable users which will help you to achieve the goals with the help of vmedulife's inbuilt Technical Support Portal, from where faculty members of can raise the respective concerns or suggestions. Admin from the organization can also verify logs of queries and suggestions for maintaining the track and records.


Yes, we offer a comprehensive vendor management section to streamline and manage all vendor-related activities efficiently.

Yes, our software provides detailed audit reports to help you maintain transparency and compliance.

Yes, our software features access-based controls to ensure that only authorized users can access specific modules and data.

Yes, our software allows you to easily generate and manage purchase orders within the system.