Effortlessly streamline the management of examination data for offline exams with the cutting-edge vmedulife Result Analysis module. From seamless examination scheduling to dynamic question paper generation, streamlined student enrollment, and insightful performance tracking, our system empowers educational institutions to efficiently conduct and manage exams with a focus on comprehensive result analysis.

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Result Analysis

Schedule Examination


Being the first step in the examination, planning the examination using cloud software will be hassle-free. Include the examination for multiple semesters, and departments at a time, and generate the timetable within clicks with Result Analysis module.

  • Plan the examination for multiple departments
  • Conduct examination offline
  • Facilitate multiple SET for one subject
  • Access-based system for scheduling exam
Result Analysis

Generate Question Paper

Generate question papers for the examination easily and simply. Demand multiple SET for one question paper. Include questions from the question bank and various types of questions.

  • Various types of questions i.e., objective, one word and descriptive to design question paper
  • Download or print question paper
  • Get the quality of the question paper report
Result Analysis

Maintain Student Performance

Maintain track and record of questions analysis of every student. Quick view of student performance. If required display performance to students. Export the complete report and print it if required. Get Outcome Attainment reports quickly after marks are updated.

  • Analyses every student's performance
  • Outcome attainment report of every student as well as for complete class
  • Export performance report
Result Analsis


Generate the result of the examination of all subjects within clicks. Combine the subjects as well as regular and backlog students in the reports.

  • Fully secured and confidential
  • Store students for as long as you need for many years
  • Locking system for completed examination
result analysis

No credit card required.

Quick Benefits


In-depth Analysis

In-depth Analysis
Enhance the facility of analyzing the result with complete consideration of every factor with in-depth knowledge which gives accurate and precise results.

Student Performance

Student Performance
Helps to evaluate student performance in all aspects concerning intellectual skills, understanding skills, learning skills, communication skills, etc. which aids in studying the overall performance of students in all trends.

Difficulty Analysis

Difficulty Analysis
Easy to analyze the difficulty level of the course concerning its unit, and also can edit the difficulty level for every unit.

Long Term Benefits

Easy access to the examination reports for the last five years

Easy access to the examination reports for the last five years
Get one-click access to all types of examinations, and assessment reports for the last five academic years. Streamline the documentation for NAAC and NBA Accreditation with the required standards.

Track student learning levels progression over the years

Track student learning levels progression over the years
Track the learning levels of the students along with the identification of advanced learners and slow learners.

Readiness for Outcome Attainment and OBE Parameters

Readiness for Outcome Attainment and OBE Parameters
Get yourself ready with not only the result analysis but to achieve the ultimate targets of Course Outcome and Program Outcome Mapping. Innovative tools help the Management, Principal, and HODs to generate reports, graphs, and charts, with ease and in the fewest of clicks.


vmedulife team will work with you for consistent implementation support to meet your unique requirements of result analysis and achieve your organization goals.

  • Identify the pain areas in organization
  • Design and execute Training plan for successful implementation of result analysis module
  • Successful Training of platform at organization
  • Provide single point of contact for implementation
  • Help desk portal for any query and custom enhancement


  • Question Wise Analysis
  • Question Wise CO Attainment
  • Student Wise CO Attainment
  • Total Course Outcome Attainment
  • Course Outcome Attainment For Internal (CIE) And University Examinations (SEE)
  • Quality Of Question Paper Based On-Linked COs
  • Quality Of Question Paper Based On-Linked Bloom’s Levels
  • Quality Of Question Paper Based On-Involved PI’s
  • Customized Reports For Average Of Multiple Examinations

No credit card required. 


Leverage the inbuilt Technical Support Portal, where faculty members can raise concerns or suggestions related to Result Analysis and other aspects. Organization admins can effortlessly verify logs of queries and suggestions, maintaining a comprehensive track record for continuous improvement.


Yes, Student`s marks can be easily imported.

Yes, One can conduct Internal as well as external exam.

Yes, the Result analysis can be downloaded in Excel & PDF format.

Yes, We do consider bloom`s taxonomy while designing the question paper.

Result analysis helps us understand the performance and progress of students, identify areas for improvement in teaching methodologies, curriculum design, and student support systems, and make informed decisions to enhance the overall educational experience. By analyzing results, we can track trends, measure the effectiveness of interventions, and ensure that our educational objectives are being met.


vmedulife’s Result Analysis module provides comprehensive insights into student performance, enabling institutions to identify strengths and weaknesses, track academic progress, and make data-driven decisions to improve learning outcomes. With customizable reports and analytics tools, educators can analyze exam results, identify trends, and implement targeted interventions to support student success.



vmedulife’s Result Analysis module enables educators to analyze exam results at various levels, including individual student, class, and department, to identify areas for improvement. By tracking student performance over time, institutions can implement targeted interventions and academic support programs to enhance learning outcomes.