Experience unparalleled payroll management with vmedulife’s Payroll Management System, providing best-in-class features for planning and executing employee salaries and deductions.Streamline payroll tasks seamlessly using our advanced payroll management software. Optimize your payroll processes for enhanced accuracy and ease. Customize salary templates and payslips according to individual employee requirements with our advanced Payroll Management Software. Elevate your payroll processes with precision and flexibility, ensuring optimal efficiency tailored to your organization’s needs.

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payroll management system

Employee Management

FEATURES of payroll management system

Each and every detail of an employee like salary details, bank details, PF details etc are stored and maintained with a high level of security and safety. One can easily assign the salary template to an employee according to their respective job profile.

  • Assign customize salary template
  • Manage basic details of employees

Customized Salary Template

According to the employee and their job profile, one can easily customize its salary template with the required components for a respective salaried employee. It also helps to add the required component and then add in the salary template.

  • Add multiple salary component to template
  • Assign salary template to multiple employee
Library Management System


It is the process where an organization keep a record of its employee’s pay run monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly also can have records for multiple employees.

  • Assign employees to the payrun
  • Maintain record for individual employee as well as multiple employee

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Quick Benefits

BENEFITS of payroll management system


Satisfies the needs of today’s fast-paced mobile, interconnected, and data-dependent world.

Quick Process

Quick Process
Allowing payroll management system professionals to respond faster to employee requests.


Track and manage the information related to all your employee's life cycle events on payroll management system

Long Term Benefits

Changes on the go

Changes on the go
Payroll management software allows you to adapt to compliance changes on the fly.

Reduced Workload

Reduced Workload
Payroll management system ensures to reduce of the heavy and difficult work process and convert it into an automated process.

Futuristic Operation

Futuristic Operation
Gives you the upper hand in handling all the payroll and it’s sub-operations effectively and smoothly.


vmedulife team will work with you for consistent implementation support to meet your unique requirements and achieve your organization goals.

  • Identify the pain areas in organization
  • Design and execute Training plan for successful implementation of platform
  • Successful Training of platform at organization
  • Provide single point of contact for implementation
  • Help desk portal for any query and custom enhancement


  • Payroll Register Report
  • Pay Type Report
  • Pay Time Off Report
  • Compensation Analysis Report
  • Total Payments Report
  • Payrun Report
  • Salary Analysis Report
  • Overtime Report
  • Monthly Salary Statement

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We have a dedicated team to support our valuable users which will help you to achieve the goals with the help of vmedulife's inbuilt Technical Support Portal, from where faculty members of can raise the respective concerns or suggestions. Admin from the organization can also verify logs of queries and suggestions for maintaining the track and records.


Yes, previous data can be imported into the system, ensuring seamless integration and continuity.

Yes, you can customize the payslip design to match your institution’s branding and requirements.

Yes, employees can conveniently check their own salary slips directly from their accounts.

Yes, our system includes a comprehensive approval process to ensure all necessary checks and validations are completed.

Yes, the payroll module provides detailed reports on payroll processing, payments, deductions, and more.

We prioritize data security with robust encryption and access controls to protect your payroll information.