With the vmedulife Attendance & Leave management system you can fully automate the Attendance & Leave management process of your organization. From managing the annual holidays to keeping tracks of employee attendance and leaves request all process can be handle effortlessly in few clicks.


Manage annual holidays of the organization’s departments.

  • Shortcode facility
  • Access-based - only authorized people can manage holidays.

Leave Policy

Facility to add fully customize leave policy. Configure the leave policy with customize leave type. A simple way to assign leave policy to the employee within a selected date range. Facilities to assign multiple leave policies to an employee hassle-free.

  • Copy leave policy option
  • Update the date range of the leave policy assigned to the employees
  • Easily assign or remove leave policy

Attendance Log

Daily attendance of employees can be easily managed by importing attendance and the attendance of employees can be easily managed using the filter.

  • Import attendance facility
  • Simple filter to get an employee attendance

Multi-Level Leave Approver

Multi-level leave and attendance regularization approver can be assigned to the employee. Approvers will accept or reject the leave request and regularization request of the employee.

  • Only approvers will manage the employee leave requests
  • Keep a record of requested leave as per the leave year
  • Filter to keep track of leaves as per the status

Work Load Management

Employees can manage their workload for leave days. They can easily assign their task or work to the other employees effortlessly.


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Quick Benefits

Go Paperless !!!

Go Paperless !!!
Helps to reduce the usage of paper and automate the process effortlessly within a few hassle-free clicks and at your fingertips.

Higher Communication

Higher Communication
Ensures that all leaves and holidays are conveyed back and forth from organization to employee and vice versa with zero communication gap.

Prevents Errors

Prevents Errors
It offers best-in-concept features and facilities which aid in eliminating errors such as pay errors and ensure legal compliance.

Long Term Benefits

Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data
One can easily manage and have access to real-time data within a few clicks which reduces miscommunication and increases transparency in the process.

Auto Update Leave Balance

Auto Update Leave Balance
Without any errors or shortcomings, the leaves of employees within an organization are auto-updated if he/she has failed to update their respective leaves.

Level up the Organization's Value

Level up the Organization's Value
Using the completely automated process of software and reducing the workload of employees eventually leads to growing the organization beyond the sky.


vmedulife team will work with you for consistent implementation support to meet your unique requirements and achieve your organization goals.

  • Identify the pain areas in organization
  • Design and execute Training plan for successful implementation of platform
  • Successful Training of platform at organization
  • Provide single point of contact for implementation
  • Help desk portal for any query and custom enhancement


  • Leave Policy Report
  • Employees Leave Count Report
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Monthly Leave Summary
  • Individual Employee Leave Summary
  • Regularization Summary
  • Daily Attendance Summary


We have a dedicated team to support our valuable users which will help you to achieve the goals with the help of vmedulife's inbuilt Technical Support Portal, from where faculty members of can raise the respective concerns or suggestions. Admin from the organization can also verify logs of queries and suggestions for maintaining the track and records.